100% Recruitment

100% Recruitment

Ильгиз Валинуров


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Дата выхода: апрель 2020
Размер файла: 131 Кб

«The book you are holding is devoted to recruitment, the system of activities undertaken to source and select personnel. In my opinion, it is the recruiter that is the most important aspect of the recruitment process. Everyone else merely plays a supporting role. If the recruiter says that a particular vacancy is impossible to fill, then it is solely the recruiters problem and responsibility. If a recruiter takes on a vacancy but is unable to fill it, that means that the recruiter isn\'t up to the task at hand. If a recruiter decides to work with a client that is unable to provide competent feedback, this means that the recruiter won\'t be able to handle the interaction. It\'s always the recruiter\'s problem, and only the recruiter can find a solution…»