A Beautiful Moment of Poetry…:

A Beautiful Moment of Poetry…:

Шестопал Ю.


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Издательство: Т8
Серия: Nabokov Prize Library
Дата выхода: декабрь 2019
ISBN: 978-5-00153-168-5
Объём: 120 страниц
Масса: 161 г

The book contains the poetry defined by such poetic genres as the love verses, landscape, philosophical, and civic poetry. It reflects the views of the poet upon modern processes that take place in our society, the tendencies in their changes, it reflects a complex pattern of relationships of the people. Much attention is paid to the formation of the system of values among people and its compliance with the values system of society and the country. The poems show the beauty and power of an impact the poetry has upon things that take place, a personality of a person, one`s aspirations for self-expression and perfection. The reader, whom author loves dearly, and whose opinion is always considered, will give an objective assessment of the book`s contents. This book is a logical continuation of the author`s books that were published previously.