Autocar Trucks of the 1950s

Autocar Trucks of the 1950s

Adams, Ron


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Издательство: Enthusiast Books
Дата выхода: май 2009
ISBN: 9781583882313
Объём: 126 страниц
Масса: 503 г
Размеры(В x Ш x Т), см: 22 x 26 x 2

Autocar s roots go way back into the early 1900s and became known for tough and rugged trucks. When WWII came, very few trucks for civilian use were produced and by the end many trucks were worn out from constant use. After the war, civilian production began again in full force because of the lack of new trucks. In 1950, when Autocar introduced the new driver cab, the louver design was eliminated. The old style flat windshield sleeper cabs were used up until 1953 (the same year that Autocar was purchased by the White Motor Co.) when the new sleeper cab was introduced. See the rest of the "World s Finest" helping do their part to revive America in the 1950s.