Dreamweaver 4: The Missing Manual. На английском

Dreamweaver 4: The Missing Manual. На английском

Дэвид Фарланд


бумажная книга

Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Дата выхода: июнь 2001
ISBN: 0-596-00097-9
Объём: 480 страниц
Масса: 755 г
Размеры(В x Ш x Т), см: 24 x 18 x 3

As the Web\'s popularity continues to soar, so does that of Macromedia Dreamweaver, one of the most elegant and powerful web-page creation programs you can buy. Dreamweaver deploys a rich, well-designed, WISYWYG environment for building cross-platform, cross-browser web sites; but unlike most visual editors, it doesn\'t clutter up the underlying HTML code by inserting unnecessary tags that make large web sites difficult to manage. Dreamweaver is a favorite of multimedia designers, thanks to its smooth integration with other Macromedia applications like Flash and Shockwave. Dreamweaver 4 extends Macromedia\'s lead in the web-design market. The new, more sophisticated Version 4 incorporates the latest developments in browser technologies--and the best way to get the full advantage of these improved features is with Dreamweaver 4: The Missing Manual, the ideal companion to this complex software. Under the guidance of Missing Manual series editor David Pogue, author Dave McFarland brings Dreamweaver 4 to life with clarity, authority, and good humor. After orienting you with an anatomical tour of a web page, the book walks you through the entire process of creating and designing a complete web site. Along the way, a unique "live examples" approach lets you see and test, on the actual Internet, real web pages that follow the development progress of the book\'s chapters. Armed with this book, both first-time and experienced web designers can easily use Dreamweaver to bring stunning, interactive web sites to life.