Lovers & Players

Lovers & Players

Collins, Jackie


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Издательство: Macmillan Publishers
Дата выхода: август 2006
ISBN: 9780312937089
Объём: 548 страниц
Масса: 263 г
Размеры(В x Ш x Т), см: 18 x 11 x 3

"Dangerous sex, family secrets, irresistible power, mega money, and two murders equal one reckless week in ""New York,"."."
In "Lovers & Players," the Diamond family rules. Red Diamond is an abusive and much-loathed billionaire. His three sons, Max, Chris, and Jett, are summoned to New York for a family meeting which rocks their world.
Diahann, a beautiful black ex-singer, works as Red s housekeeper--a job her daughter, Liberty, does not approve of. A waitress and would-be singer herself, Liberty has dreams of her own and while she pursues them, Damon P. Donnell, married hip-hop mogul supreme, pursues "her,"
Young New York heiress Amy Scott-Simon is engaged to marry Max. At her bachelorette party she runs into Jett. Jett has no idea who Amy is. She also doesn t realize who "he" is. A one-night fling leads to major complications.
Now the lives of these characters will intertwine, forever changing their destinies, in this highly charged love story about family relationships and deadly choices.
"A decadent concoction sure to appeal...a fast lane take on the lives of the rich and fabulous."
-"Kirkus Reviews"