Small Scale, Big Change/ Малый масштаб, большие перемены

Small Scale, Big Change/ Малый масштаб, большие перемены

Andres Lepik


бумажная книга

Издательство: Арт-Родник
Дата выхода: август 2014
ISBN: 9783034605885

Small Scale, Big Change focuses on designing and building in underserved communities around the globe. Rooted in the traditions of early Modernism, the work of the architects shown in this book expresses a desire for social change and a belief in the social responsibility of architecture. The projects – often schools, parks, housing projects and infrastructural interventions – are typically the result of close collaboration with members of the community and future users. They are located in impoverished urban and rural communities and reveal an exciting change in the longstanding dialogue between architecture and ethics, wherein the architect’s roles, methods, approaches and responsibilities are all dramatically reconsidered. These architects address community needs with innovative, low-budget and adaptable designs without sacrificing aesthetics. In these works, one also sees an expanded definition of sustainability encompassing larger social and economic issues. The architects featured include Alejandro Aravena, Anna Herringer, Francis Kere, Jorge Maria Jauregui, Lacaton Vassal, Michael Maltzan, Noero Wolff Architects, Rural Studio, Teddy Cruz, Urban Think Tank.